Get equipped!

With CleverApplicant's tool kit, you can now manage and track all of your job applications from a single place, check your resume, organize interviews and notes, so you can put your effort in finding a better job!

How it works?

Track your job applications!

Applying to many jobs at once? CleverApplicant will help keep things sorted by:

  • tracking applications stages (Submitted, Interviewing, etc...)
  • keep relevant interviews, resumes and notes
  • save original job post
  • receive reminders for applications and interviews on email

Not sure about your resume?

Automated HR systems, ATS systems or resume scanners used by many employers often skips submitted resumes if it's missing some important information or if it's not digitally readable at all, avoid that by letting us check it for you free of charge, here is how it works:

  1. use this tool to submit your resume and register
  2. confirm your email
  3. few minutes later, you will receive a notification that your resume's report is ready
  4. check your resume score to see how it's standout
Check your Resume now

Mobile ready, track on the go!

CleverApplicant is built with considering mobile users in mind, so you can still use out tools on the go:

  • no need to install a mobile app
  • most of the functionality is still available for the small screens
  • the layout changes based on your screen size to optimize the usability